Cadillac “Sugar Mammas” 65mm, 78A Wheels

Cadillac “Sugar Mammas” 65mm, 78A Wheels


The 78A Cadillac “Sugar Mamas” pack the smoothest freeride slide into a versatile 65mm wheel. They are a great sliding wheel, allowing you to glide over ground with minimal resistance but also provide some extra grip for confidence at higher speeds. The advanced sliding formula is stone-ground and offers high rebound, making for an extremely responsive, grippy, smooth and predictable ride. The Sugar Mamas are also big enough to freeride over rough pavement, providing a very smooth ride on even the most uneven surfaces.

On the first skate these wheels feel like their already broken in and left plenty of thane on the road, meaning the wheels wear very consistently with no ovals or flat spots. These wheels are fantastic for moderate-to advanced freeriding especially those who want smooth, controlled, long distance slides with minimal wear.


Diameter: 65mm
Durometer: 78a
Width: 45mm
Lip Profile: Round Lip
Contact Patch: 38mm
Core Placement: Center Set

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