Cadillac “Crusher” 74mm, 78A Wheels

Cadillac “Crusher” 74mm, 78A Wheels


The Cadillac ‘Crusher’ 74mm

Designed to smoothly handle a variety of skating/road surfaces and turns at high speeds, the Cadillac 'Crusher' 74mm are a great all rounder designed with carving and cruising in mind; giving you grip when you need it and a smooth slide when you want it. Cadillac ‘Crusher’ wheels are an excellent, versatile longboard wheel regardless of your style of riding. Designed for those who want, speed, sliding, carving or cruising, an “all in one” longboard wheel.


Diameter: 74mm
Durometer: 78a
Width: 58.5mm
Lip Profile: Square
Contact Patch: 58.5mm
Core Placement: Offset

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