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Mini Cruisers

The DNA mini-cruiser is a versatile board with a short wheel base for quick, responsive turns and maximum manoeuvrability.


Leaf Longboard

The Leaf is an all in one longboard designed for speed, sliding, carving and cruising.


Drop Deck Longboard

The Drop deck longboard provides an exceptionally stable and smooth ride designed for carving, cruising and free riding.

Street Deck

Our street decks are made from a unique construction of bamboo and hemp designed to provide our boards with increase pop, extra durability and reduced weight compared to Maple Skateboards. 


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Grasshopper Skateboards design & build sustainable high quality boards using a unique eco-friendly composite material.


At Grasshopper skateboards our mission is to deliver boards that are stronger, more flexible, and more environmentally friendly than other design methods. That's why we designed our boards so that at the end of your decks life, you can simply chip it up and add it to a compost bin where it will be fully biodegradable. 



Ride. Strength. Flexibility. Sustainability.


Grasshopper Skateboards are designed with sustainability in mind.


Grasshopper Skateboards was founded in Ballybunion, in Co. Kerry, Ireland. We are proud to be Irish, and draw influence from the environments that surround us. At Grasshopper we have developed a unique new eco-composite material handcrafted from sustainably sourced bamboo, hemp, and maple. With skateboard manufacture being the largest factor in maple deforestation, we set out to find an alternative way that not just matched the quality of traditional maple boards, but improved on it. Our boards are stronger, more flexible, and far more environmentally friendly. 

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