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Grasshopper Skateboards

Grasshopper Skateboards was founded in 2015, with a mission to build higher quality skateboards while greatly reducing the environmental impact of skateboard production. 


The Mission

Grasshopper Skateboards is a new Irish skateboard brand, specialising in the manufacturer and customisation of high performance, eco-friendly skateboards. Grasshopper Skateboards design & produce a range of handmade boards using a newly designed eco-composite material made from sustainably sourced bamboo, hemp, and maple. With skateboard manufacture being the largest factor in maple deforestation, we set out to find an alternative way that not just matched the quality of traditional maple boards, but improved on it. Our boards are on average 15% stronger, 10% Lighter, 9% more flexible, and far more environmentally friendly. Our boards are shaped locally, and our unique approach to materials enables us to create boards that are more flexible and stronger than maple based boards, while delivering a comfortable ride, greater pop, and improved board performance. 


Designed with sustainability and versatility in mind, these bio-degradable boards ensure a low carbon footprint, while delivering high end quality for boarders that seek environmentally friendly boards without compromising on performance.