The following outlines the warranty entitlements for your Grasshopper Skateboard products. 

Grasshopper Skateboards Ltd guarantee to replace, free of charge any part or parts which are proved defective through faulty materials or workmanship.
This warranty is subject to the following conditions:
1)  Complete skateboards / longboards will not be replaced in full. The guarantee covers replacement of skateboard decks only. Additional products/parts used are subject to a manufacturers warranty and as such any issues/returns are the responsibility of those respective manufacturers.
2)  This guarantee does not cover defects due to wear and tear, water and/or heat damage, misuse of product, accident, unauthorised alterations or repairs, or any hiring out of the products.
3)  This guarantee is valid in Ireland & the UK only, and covers against delamination of decks for the first 4 months after proof of purchase, with the exceptions outlined below (I). 
If you wish to claim under this guarantee, return your deck safely and securely by parcel to:

Grasshopper Skateboards Ltd, 
Lartigue Road, 
Co. Kerry, 
You must include a note of your name and address, along with proof of purchase and purchase date.
The following are some common faults that may occur for which Grasshopper Skateboards will not be responsible:

(I) Leaving a board out in the wet; in excessively damp conditions; or next to a heat source can lead to structural issues that may lead to structural failure. This may include warping, or lead to issues with glue binding between the laminates, resulting in delamination. 

(II) When a wheel hits the curb it will move the angle of the truck. If this happens the board will steer right or left. in this case, loosen the king pin, realign the truck and retighten. The board will now steer correctly.

(III) Trucks will crack or break when hit hard or if the board is dropped from a height. Be careful! Paris trucks come with a lifetime warranty against defects, however, misuse and regular wear and tear of the board will not be covered under terms. 

(IV) Wheels will wear out and will need to be changed after some use. 

(V) Bearings will fail if they get grit or dirt in them. It is normal to replace bearings after some time. 

Grasshopper Skateboards Ltd is not responsible for any death/injuries caused by the use of our products. Remember while skateboarding to always follow safe practice guidelines, many of which can be seen below.  


Safety & Maintenance

Board Safety and Maintenance.

Skating is awesome, but care is needed.
Remembering and practicing these simple points helps to stop skating accidents and will help you to skate better.
a) Choose to skate in places which allow you to improve your skills; not on pavements or streets where serious accidents can happen to boarders / skaters and other people.
b) Children under 8 should be supervised at all times.
c) Children under 36 months should not use skateboards / longboards. Seriously!
d) When learning to skate get the help of a friend or parent. Statistically, most accidents happen in the first few months. 
e) Take your time. You didn't learn to write overnight, so don't expect to be doing kickflips overnight either!  If you start to fall – step off and start again. Don't bomb the biggest hill you can find in your first month. That sounds awesome, but it's insanely stupid. Ride gentle hills first. This ensures a speed that is slow enough to enable you to run off the board without falling. RUN FOREST, RUUUUN!
f) Running or jumping onto a skateboard is dangerous. Careful now! 
g) Learn how to fall properly. It's going to happen, lots. Skating injuries typically include broken bones, so learn how to fall right. Wear safety gear: helmet, knee and elbow pads, wristguards and flat-soled shoes. You will get cut, so wear long sleeves and trousers to help prevent grazing.
i) Before you jump off your board, try to make sure it's path isn't towards someone else. Skateboards can injure others too! 
j) Avoid skateboarding on wet or uneven surfaces.
k) Never skateboard at night or in low visibility.
l) Do not allow yourself to be pushed, pulled or towed.

Servicing and Maintenance Instructions.

Regular maintenance improves safety and increases the lifespan of your board.
 a) Be sensible. Check your board every time before use. Ensure that the nuts, bolts, trucks, and wheel nuts are tight.
b) If your wheels wobble, stop riding immediately and check your boards bearings. Failed bearings are extremely dangerous.
c) Keep your bearings clean and lightly oiled. After a while bearings will need to be replaced. 
e) Check for wear and tear regularly, making sure that all components are in good condition and defect free.