Divine “City Slashers” 64mm, 78A Wheels

Divine “City Slashers” 64mm, 78A Wheels



Diameter: 64mm
Durometer: 78a
Width: 40mm
Lip Profile: Round Lip
Contact Patch: 30mm
Core Placement: Center Set

The Divine “City Slashers” 64mm, 78a are an exceptionally versatile and lightweight wheel, perfect for small cruisers, pool boards and longer cruisers/street boards. These wheels are softer grade urethane than the 86a green “City Slayers” allowing for a smoother ride on rougher surfaces and are ideal for commuting around towns and cities.
The rounded lips and small contact patch makes for predictable slides and the softer grade urethane allows for an easy transition from slide to grip. Once broken in, these wheels are really easy to kick out, provide lots of slide without the loss of a lot of speed and wear evenly, making them an excellent freeride wheel. These wheels are a great all round park/hill shredder and are perfect for commuting. If freeride is your thing and you want a wheel that can break out into a smooth slide with ease, or you like to freestyle and commute around town pretty often, then I would consider a set of City Slashers for your ride.

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