Trojan Slide Gloves – Denim Disaster

Trojan Slide Gloves – Denim Disaster



Denim Slide Gloves.
Durable, Comfortable and Stylish.
Lightweight and Breathable.
Terry-cloth patch to wipe off brow sweat.
Kevlar finger tips and wrist area.
Increased Velcro on the palm for optimal puck position.

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Trojans new denim slide gloves are a durable, comfortable and stylish slide glove, packed with practical features. Trojan’s Denim Disaster slide gloves are lightweight and breathable, featuring a terry-cloth patch on the back of the thumb at act as a sweat wipe. These gloves have a stitched-in padding on the back of the hand for protection without creating discomfort and Kevlar fingertips and wrist area for added durability. Trojan have also increased the size of the Velcro on the palm so you can find that optimal puck position and have re-designed the palm stitching for a wider range of motion.
Trojan are known for making solid, functioning gloves and have put all that knowledge into producing their new Denim Disaster range, a truly magnificent denim slide glove. Available in 2 sizes:- S/M & L/XL

Sizing Guide
Hand Width = measure (in inches) around the circumference your hand, just below your knuckles.
Hand Length = measure from the tip of the middle finger to the base of your hand.

Hand Width – 7.5″ to 8.6″
Hand Length – 7.2″ to 7.7″

Hand Width – 8.6″ to 9.6″
Hand Length – 7.7″ to 8.2″