Phantom 2 Trucks 7.0″ (Pair)

Phantom 2 Trucks 7.0″ (Pair)



Axle Width: 7.0 inch
Hanger width: 110mm (4.4inch)
Bushings: Phantom 90a Cone-Barrel
Ride Height: 55 mm or 2.1 inches
Built-in rubber shock absorber. 

Phantom 2 skateboard trucks incorporate a lightweight yet durable frame, have a great turning circle and an awesome grind. Phantom 2’s come with built in shock pads, a 1.5 mm rubber shock pad built onto the bottom of the trucks which help reduce stress from the trucks to the board. Phantom 2’s are designed for a smooth ride whether your skating street, cruising, grinding rails or riding ramps. These trucks are fitted to most of our mini-cruiser range of skateboards.

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