Divine “Road Rippers” 65mm, 78A Wheels

Divine “Road Rippers” 65mm, 78A Wheels



Diameter: 65mm
Durometer: 78a
Width: 53mm
Lip Profile: Square lip/very slight round
Contact Patch: 53mm
Core Placement: Slightly offset

The Divine 65mm Road Rippers are a serious all round downhill and freeride wheel. With a contact patch of 56mm and really sharp lips, these wheels provide plenty of grip and allow you dig into those corners. The acceleration and speed you get from these wheels are up there with some of the best of any wheels on the market, while the 78A duro allows for a very smooth ride. These wheels are super durable and highly resistant to flatspots and ovalization, lasting countless numbers of sessions. When worn down (about 3-4mm) they turn into awesome freeride/technical downhill wheels, allowing you to get sideways for some smooth controlled slides.
Overall the Devine 65mm “Road Rippers” are the complete package: stupidly fast, have tons of grip when needed, very durable and allow for super smooth slides when it’s required or desired.

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