Rush ABEC 7 Titanium Coated Bearings

Rush ABEC 7 Titanium Coated Bearings



Titanium coated Abec 7 ball bearings
Removable protective shields
Lighter, faster, stronger and smoother
Measurements: 8mm core, 22mm diameter & 7mm width
Set of 8 skateboard bearings

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Rush ABEC 7 Titanium Coated bearings are the ultimate combination of performance, durability, technology and price on the market. Rush ABEC 7 bearings are the best selling, most tested ABEC bearings Rush provides. These bearings feature titanium coated, pre-lubricated and high micro-finish ball bearings, cradled in a ball retainer made of a heat resistant, non-corrosive nylon, for reduced heat and friction. The casing which holds the bearings is made from a high grade steel and features double sided rubber shields which can be removed for cleaning the bearings internally.
Smoother, lighter, faster, stronger. The characteristics of the Rush ABEC 7 Bearings are fantastic. Comes in a pack of 8 bearings.