Rush ABEC 5 Titanium Coated Bearings

Rush ABEC 5 Titanium Coated Bearings



Titanium coated
High micro-finish ball bearings
Durable Steel casing
Removable Rubber shields
Nylon retainer
Pack of 8 bearings

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Rush ABEC 5 bearing’s are based on true testing and true sorting, you will not find a better ABEC 5 bearing on the market. Rush ABEC 5’s are an outstanding bearing for their price. Featuring precision ground titanium coated bearings, removable high speed nylon ball cages, pre-lubricated for extra speed and removable rubber shields for easy cleaning. Rush ABEC 5’s are faster, lighter, stronger, smoother and easy to clean. You wont be disappointing with these bearings. Each pack includes 8 ball bearings.